MakeAFP Transforms


MakeAFP high-performance transforms represent our commitment to deliver solutions to help our customers who have multiple disparate systems migrate from a print-centric report and document world to e-commerce, enabling enterprises to move from centralized print to electronic distribution and decentralized print if necessary, increasing efficiency and flexibility with their data transformation and delivery without changing legacy applications, reducing the operational costs associated with production and delivery of paper-based documents, while supporting the new paperless Green World initiatives.

AFP2TXT - AFP to Text Transform

Leverages the benefits and advantage of AFP, protects your significant investment in AFP, enables your business to grow and thrive consistently.

Inherits the advantage and capabilities of the most powerful MakeAFP Viewer, AFP2TXT Transform accurately and efficiently transforms your AFP data stream streams into texts with the highest possible fidelity in extremely fast performance.

Direct convert AFP to texts in batch from AFP input file or fold quickly.

Able to transform AFP universal texts encoded in ASCII, EBCDIC, DBCS-PC, DBCS-HOST, UTF-16BE, and UTF-8 and output texts in UTF-8, to increase the efficiency of information retrieval on your mission-critical new document content management systems.

Able to export AFP page group indexes to CSV format and form the output filenames by the AFP index values, for easy integration, retain and repurpose data with your new document content management systems.

Available on Windows and Linux platforms.

IMG2AFP/IMG2PSG - Image to AFP Transforms

High-performance to convert your single or multi-page monochrome or color images, into AFP page-segments or AFP documents.

Supports the most popular image formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc, to AFP in FS11 and FS45 formats.

Able to merge multiple images and multi-pages images into a single AFP output document.

Available on Windows and Linux platforms.

Quick AFP and PDF Indexers

Accepts both TLE-tagged or non-indexed AFP input files, able to generate AFP index, resource, and document files, that can be archived into IBM Content Manager OnDemand directly in high-performance.

Able to compress and encrypt AFP output files in ZIP format on the fly.

PDF Indexer able to add page-group level bookmarks or page-piece index information into your PDF documents, that can be used by the PDF archiving and content management systems.

Available on Windows and Linux platforms.

LINE2AFP/LINE2PDF - Linedata/text to AFP/PDF Transforms

MakeAFP solutions for end-to-end line-data to indexed PDF and AFP are designed for enterprises that use document archiving systems, such as IBM Content Manager OnDemand for enterprise report management. Addressing the need to archive high-volume line and text data, and then transform it to AFP or protected PDF for online delivery to customers or internal users on-demand.

MakeAFP high-performance LINE2PDF and LINE2AFP transforms liberate and add value to the high-volume line and text data.

Supports ASCII/EBCDIC ANSI/Machine CC (carriage control) codes and TRC (Table Reference Codes).

Supports input data encoded in ASCII/EBCDIC, SBCS-PC/ DBCS-PC and SBCS-HOST/DBCS-HOST.

Includes up to 10 overlays and 10 images on output pages.

Embedding subset of fonts in PDF and embedding resources in AFP.

Supports Thai and Vietnamese vowels auto-composition and data fields auto-alignment.

By using TRC codes with LINE2PDF, fonts can be easily switched with different sizes, colors, styles, and boldness.

Available on Windows and Linux platforms.


MakeAFP SCS2AFP and SCS2PDF high-performance transforms can be integrated with MakeAFP LPD Server, to receive SCS spool data stream from multiple OS/400 remote printing queues quickly.

Transforms SCS spooling data stream to PC native line or text data, AFP, or PDF in ultimate speed.

Includes overlays/templates/images on output pages.

Embeds the subset of fonts in PDF and embeds resources in AFP.

Supports Thai and Vietnamese vowels auto-composition and data fields auto-alignment.

Available on Windows and Linux platforms.