MakeAFP Utilities

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MakeAFP Utilities is a set of the powerful, flexible, and robust suite for AFP reengineering, sorting & splitting, reprinting and production printing, it enhances your AFP data stream on the fly and facilitates your production printing operations.

With MakeAFP sorting by the postal code and number of pages per mail-piece, you can sort AFP pages based on your defined criteria quickly, generating details of a report/log for each AFP file sorted.

With MakeAFP AFP splitting utilities, you can divide a big AFP file into segmented AFP files quickly while the AFP job is being submitted to the InfoPrint Manager server. With MakeAFP mail-pieces boundary control, the pages belonging to a group are impossible to be split into separate AFP files.

With MakeAFP AFP reprinting utilities, you can quickly reprint AFP pages or page-groups by multiple page ranges or by mail-pieces level with your indexed AFP or non-indexed legacy AFP.

With MakeAFP enhanced print job submission, you can submit flat or even compressed/encrypted files to the InfoPrint Manager for AIX or Windows directly either by batch mode or graphics interface mode.

With FontRAT Utilities, you can create or update your RAT (Resource Access Table) quickly for using OpenType/TrueType fonts directly at ease, the OpenType/TrueType fonts can be captured and retained in the IPDS printer's memory across the job boundaries and power cycles.

With MakeAFP Utilities, you can substitute your legacy AFP raster fonts with AFP outline fonts and OpenType/TrueType fonts instantly while the AFP job is being submitted to the InfoPrint Manager server.

MakeAFP provides a suite of Input Record Exits for IBM ACIF (Advanced Conversion and Indexing Facility), with which you can submit your mixed ASCII / DBCS-PC (BIG5, GB18030, KSC, SJIS) line data or unformatted text data directly from open systems to the InfoPrint Manager or DB2 Content Manager OnDemand.

MakeAFP also provides a suite of Input Record Exits to ACIF for the Thai and Vietnamese vowels auto-composition and line-data fields auto-alignment.

Furthermore, with powerful multithread AutoMakeAFP workflow control which runs as a Windows service, once your data file, or compressed & encrypted input data file is placed in the user-designated watching directories from which it is dispatched to the appropriate AFP formatting or AFP reprocessing/engineering applications for subsequent processing on the fly.