AFP2PDF Transform

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AFP2PDF Transform is a superfast solution for high-volume and high-speed AFP to PDF conversion, as well as on-the-fly PDF splitting for e-Statements, with great transform quality from both legacy and the latest AFP color data streams to the smallest PDF.

Advanced functions are available in the following areas to help you boost your production document content management environment:

Leverages the benefits and advantage of AFP, protects your significant investment in AFP, enables your business to grow and thrive consistently.

It empowers you to instantly transform and deliver the billing statements to your customers with significant cost savings.

Accurately and efficiently transforms your AFP to PDF with the highest fidelity & speed.

Supports the latest advanced AFP features, such as full-color, using data-object containers (GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PDF) directly in AFP.

Supports complex AFP documents encoded in a variety of text encodings, such as ASCII, EBCDIC, DBCS-PC, DBCS-HOST, UTF-8, and UTF-16.

Substitutes the legacy AFP FOCA fonts with TrueType/OpenType fonts and able to precisely control text width.

Extract index data from AFP indexes or on-page contents, for PDF, bookmarking, or splitting.

Supports PDF encryption, by the owner and user-open password protection and digital signatures.

Provides graphical user interfaces to help you quickly define the font and resource mappings, watermarks, and templates.

Designed to integrate easily with your mission-critical document delivery systems and document archiving system.

If you are looking for an innovative solution to transform your AFP to PDF in high-performance and high fidelity, send us an email to request a full-featured evaluation copy here: