About Us


Incorporated in 2010, MakeAFP PTE LTD (Singapore) has quickly become a well-established innovative AFP/PDF software and solution provider. MakeAFP offers powerful and integrated end-to-end software solutions for the designing, composing and reengineering of AFP/PDF documents, as well as high-performance AFP/PDF transforms in extremely high-speed with the smallest output data streams.

MakeAFP generates the most advanced and smallest AFP/PDF data stream with superior presentation quality by using the latest renovated and optimized AFP/PDF technologies.

MakeAFP solutions help AFP/PDF customers quickly develop, print, and present the monochrome or full-color, graphically-rich, data-driven documents that are fully tailored to meet every customer's individual needs.

Our software development team is currently working hard with focusing on the solution developments of PDF software and document content management integration systems, by inheriting from the fundamental core technologies and advantage of our AFP solutions.

Our mission is dedicated to providing PDF and AFP solutions with the ultimate performance that meets the customers' mission-critical business needs, enabling them to maximize the value of their investments in both PDF and AFP.

Our goal is to be the leading pioneer in document formatting, reengineering, optimizing, and archiving. Our development team is constantly striving to work with our preeminent developers, business partners, solution providers, and system integrators to provide the leading document solutions.