Powerful AFP Overlay Design Tool


MakeAFP Form Designer - The truly intuitive and user-friendly interfaces empower you to visual-design superior advanced AFP overlay at ease, reducing your design time and improving your productivity tremendously.

MakeAFP Form Designer provides the following advanced functions and features:

WYSIWYG GUI in superior presentation quality and high-performance.

Supports legacy AFP ASCII/EBCDIC/DBCS-PC/DBCS-HOST encoding FOCA bitmap and outline fonts, as well as using a new generation of OpenType/TrueType fonts directly in AFP, able to select a font by the properties of typeface name, style, and size, able to scale outline font width.

Supports data-object containers in AFP page segment, GIF, JPEG, PDF, and TIFF formats.

Supports legacy AFP page segment monochrome and full-color images in FS10, FS11, FS42, and FS45 formats.

Displays CMYK color texts, GOCA vector graphics, and data-objects in high-performance and color fidelity by the native ICC profile-based color management.

Supports legacy lines, boxes and shading patterns LED, SCREEN and STANDARD.

Supports AFP GOCA vector graphic drawing, such as color graphic box, rounded corner box, line, arrow-line, fillet, marker, ellipse, arc, circle, etc.

Able to control GOCA vector line width and styles, area filling patterns and colors, curves of each corner of the rounded box.

Provides powerful drawing functions for the business tables.

Able to repeat drawing of line, box, rounded box, shading, color area precisely.

Accurate positioning of all types of elements/objects with mouse or keyboard input in units of inches, millimeters, centimeters, or points.

Displays positioning/sizing parameters in real-time along with the element/object.

Auto-snap positioning while aligning element/object with the relevant element/object.

Supports ASCII/EBCDIC/DBCS-PC/DBCS-HOST and UTF-8/UTF-16 texts and paragraph rotations and alignments of left, center, right, and justify.

Able to enter universal texts by keyboard and copy/paste at ease.

Supports zoom levels of the rounded box, page width, zooming from 25% to 500%, or a user-specify zoom level.

Able to use grids and guidelines to facilitate AFP overlay design.

Supports copy/cut/paste, undo/redo, drag and drop elements/objects.

Supports both legacy monochrome and full-color elements/objects.

Able to use the scan-in image as the form design template with choices of color control.

Supports all popular types of 1D and 2D barcodes by AFP drawing, including the new US Postal 4-State OneCode barcode.

Able to import IBM OGL source code.

Able to export C/C++ source code for MakeAFP Formatter.

Provides user interfaces in Chinese, English, and Japanese, allowing you to edit language files and create a new language support file for your language.

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