FastPDF Formatter


FastPDF Formatter mainly targets your demands on the high-performance e-Statements presentation and statement production printing.

With FastPDF Formatter, you can quickly generate dynamic high volume PDF statements for your transaction applications, allowing you and your clients to respond to new opportunities and business requirements quickly.

FastPDF Formatter inherits the advantage of MakeAFP Formatter, which offers all functions required to generate PDF statements with texts, images, barcodes, encryption, vector graphics, and business barchart & piechart.

FastPDF Formatter is provided in a very powerful, yet simple-to-use Dynamic-Link Library, your simple C/C++/C#/Java programs can be linked with the library to generate PDF from your multiple data inputs directly. With the C/C++/C#/Java languages as its cores, you can take PDF applications further than GUI-centric formatting solutions in a short period.

Ultimate Speed and Performance

FastPDF Formatter is an extremely stable, reliable, powerful, flexible, easiest-to-use, cost-effective document composition formatter for advanced PDF.

It is specially developed for complex, dynamic PDF presentations with an extremely fast formatting speed for your mission-critical PDF core business applications.

Superior Quality with Small Data Stream

With the well-tuned FastPDF Formatter you can generate PDF in superior presentation quality with an incredibly small PDF data stream.

You can fully enjoy the advantage of the latest MakePDF technologies, such as superior presentations of texts, vector graphics, barchart, piechart, barcodes, as well as using the overlay templates and images as the resource objects.

Flexible Fonts and Universal Languages Support

With the powerful FastPDF Formatter, you can use legacy PostScript fonts, as well as the new generation of OpenType/ TrueType fonts, font subset embedding is supported for all font types.

With FastPDF Formatter, not only you can format data from the legacy ASCII/EBCDIC/DBCS-PC/DBCS-HOST encodes, but also Unicode in UTF-8 and UTF-16 are supported for your globalize PDF applications.

FastPDF Formatter provides powerful functions to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, as well as an auto-vowels composition to Thai and Vietnamese.

Quick e-Statement Delivery

Delivering billing statements in e-Statement formats online via email systems has become a new market demand around the world, providing many benefits to both customers and billing services. Such as quick and more reliable e-delivery, e-Statement high encryption, easy archiving and retrieving, a much lower delivery cost, supporting the new paperless Green World initiatives, etc.

With FastPDF Formatter, you can quickly generate RFC822 format email files with PDF attachments on the fly, you can also include the marketing text messages or import from an HTML file including all images and other embedded items.

Reengineering Your Existing PDF At Ease

With the flexible FastPDF Formatter, you can modify the existing PDF rather than making changes to the original PDF application.

You can add conditional marketing messages, like insert variable images, overlays, cover letters, conditional marketing messages or legal terms and conditions, trans-promo pages.

Remove or modify specific text contents, like change pagination numbers and page serial numbers, based on your new page conditioning.

Produces barcodes and OMR for inserter controls, based on your document content and page group counts.

Mask specific areas, such as hide the confidential or sensitive information, conceal barcodes, OMR, and serial numbers that might not be suitable for a particular inserter, then apply new barcodes, OMR, and sequence numbers.

Adjust the size and position of the PDF page by scaling, shifting, rotating the page to meet various printing requirements, such as shrinking and offsetting the PDF page to create space for barcodes or inserting/binding device control codes.

Capture data fields for re-purposes, such as capture account numbers for dynamic barcodes, or as part of the value for page group bookmarks.

Split/segment PDF into multiple smaller ones by your conditioning.

If you are looking for an innovative solution to format your data into PDF in high-performance with the smallest PDF data stream, send us an email to request a full-featured evaluation copy here: