MakeAFP Weaver


Provides wonderful reengineering functions to your existing AFP data stream on the fly - without making any impact on your clients' applications for AFP.

PMakeAFP Weaver facilitates the Advanced Function Presentation, allowing you and your clients to respond to new opportunities and business requirements quickly.

More Effective Communications

With MakeAFP Weaver advanced functions, you can capture ASCII/ EBCDIC/DBCS-PC/DBCS-HOST/UTF-8/UTF-16 text data from your existing AFP, and you can enhance your AFP printing with one-to-one personalized messages and selective inserts based on the information extracted from AFP pages, increasing the response rate and business opportunities while reducing operating costs through more effective customized information.

More efficient and accurate Operation

MakeAFP Weaver allows you to replace legacy OMR with more sophisticated 1D or 2D barcodes that work more efficiently and reliably with your inserter system, so you can process and track jobs and individual mail pieces more accurately.

MakeAFP Weaver supports all of the linear and 2D barcodes defined in the latest AFP BCOCA standard, including the new USPS OneCode (USA Postal 4-State Barcode), and also over 50 types of popular linear barcodes and 2D barcodes by AFP drawing, including the new USPS OneCode (USA Postal 4-State Barcode).

With MakeAFP Weaver you can remove the unwanted page-groups and split the page-groups according to your conditions; you can remove or replace the data fields.

Advanced Indexing for AFP Content Management

With MakeAFP Weaver, you can add AFP page group indexes to your legacy non-indexed AFP file, by flexible index encoding in ASCII/ EBCDIC/DBCS-PC(BIG5, GBK, KSC, SJSIS)/DBCS-HOST/UTF-8/UTF-16, so the AFP file can be archived by an AFP content management system, or used by AFP Utilities to speed up AFP sorting/reprinting.

Reduce Operation Costs and Increase Speed

MakeAFP Weaver reads compressed AFP in the formats of 7Z, ZIP, RAR, CAB, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, RPM, and DEB directly on the fly, allowing you to insert copy-groups (also called medium-maps) control into your existing AFP, with which you can quickly migrate your AFP printing from simplex to duplex and 1-UP to N-UP printing. It also allows you to add texts, overlays, AFP images, or non-AFP data-object images (TIFF/JPEG/GIF) for replacing the pre-printed form with digital forms.