Superb AFP Viewer & Workbench


MakeAFP Viewer - With advanced powerful functionality and high processing performance, the MakeAFP Viewer provides excellent accuracy and quality of AFP presentations, making it ideal for business, AFP development, and production environments that demand high-performance and superior AFP viewing and printing on-demand.

Powerful MakeAFP Viewer provides the following advanced features, functions, and capabilities to the AFP professionals, developers, and business users:

Small footprint, high-performance.

Excellent easy-to-use graphical user interfaces.

Superior presentation quality and accurate true fidelity.

Able to find and search texts and indexes instantly.

Supports ICC profile-based color management natively in high-performance.

Supports CIELAB, CMYK, and RGB color spaces.

Supports using OpenType/TrueType fonts in AFP directly, with AFP texts encoded by ASCII, EBCDIC, DBCS-PC, DBCS-HOST, UTF-8 and UTF-16BE.

Supports the complex text layout for the complex scripts (Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, etc), if AFP is formatted by using TrueType, OpenType fonts directly.

Supports legacy AFP FOCA bitmap and outline Type 1 & CID-Keyed fonts, encoded by ASCII, EBCDIC, DBCS-PC, DBCS-HOST, UTF-16BE, and third parties' non-standard own encodings.

Supports mapping AFP legacy FOCA bitmap and outline fonts to the Windows fonts.

Supports new AFP Extended Code Pages (ECP), in which users can define additional information for the legacy code points to be mapped with Unicode scalar values.

Supports data-object containers in GIF, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, and AFP page-segment formats.

Supports multi-page data-object containers in PDF, TIFF formats.

Supports legacy AFP IOCA FS10, FS11, FS42, and FS45 monochrome and color images.

Supports AFP resource substitution with a new color or better resource.

Supports text watermarks, and BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, AFP page segment images, AFP overlays, or PDF objects, as the watermarks, static images, and overlays.

Supports embedded inline resources or external resources from the resource libraries.

Supports AFP GOCA vector graphics drawing and patterns perfectly.

Supports all of the 1D and 2D barcodes defined in the latest AFP BCOCA standards.

Presents legacy shading patterns in high-quality, or substitute them with a solid-color.

Provides user-friendly hand-moving tool, as well as dynamic zoom, marquee zoom, and loupe zoom tools, to allow you quick navigating and magnifying on the page.

Supports full-screen mode, zoom levels of the rounded box, page width, zooming from 25% to 500%, or a user-specify zoom level.

Supports page display layout in 1-UP/2-UP viewing/scrolling modes, as well as 0, 90, 180, and 270-degree viewing rotation.

Provides a select tool to let you quickly copy the texts or images from the AFP document.

Provides a snapshot tool to let you quickly capture the screen of AFP viewing.

Supports graphic rulers with the choice of measurement units.

Able to copy AFP pages by user-specify page ranges.

Able to view each AFP page's properties.

Provides customize options to let you easily define the resource libraries, as well as the default RGB/CMYK color spaces.

High-speed printing on PCL/Postscript printers with high-quality, without any scaling or with scaling, rotation and offset options.

Provides user interfaces in Chinese, English, Japanese, allowing you to edit language files and create a new language support file for your language at ease.

Can be easily embedded in other AFP applications if desired.

MakeAFP Workbench version for AFP developers, professionals, provides the following special and powerful features and functions:

Provides sniff tool to let you find out the attributes of font, data-object, and BCOCA barcode object instantly, such as the font name, size and encoding, object dimension, type and color mode, BCOCA barcode type, module width, height, modifier, and barcode data stream, etc.

Provides measure tools and guidelines to let you measure the position and size of the element and object instantly.

Provides a color picker tool to let you pick any color RGB/CMYK value from the view pane easily.

Able to extract inline resources, as well as control the types of resources to be embedded while copying AFP pages.

Able to export the AFP page as an AFP overlay or project file of MakeAFP Form Designer.

Supports using image, AFP, and PDF as the form template with choices of color control.

MakeAFP Workbench Pro, the professional version for AFP printing service users, provides the following additional special and powerful features and functions for the production printing on PCL/PS printers:

Supports the paper source tray switching and output paper stack offsetting defined in the AFP form definition.

Able to auto-select source paper trays.

Able to offset the output paper stack.

If you are looking for an innovative solution to view and print AFP in superb quality, send us an email to request a full-featured evaluation copy here: